About Swansong


A composer works on his Swansong with his wife, retired from silent films, alongside the groundskeeper, a local to the town, in their new home. They are not alone as once thought as a man saying he is an angel appears in the ballroom, desperate to protect them from unknown assailants that roam the home, wanting to drive the new owners out- or worse. 


Swansong is a mutual idea brought on by both artists’ love for stories like Phantom of the Opera, Swan Lake, Crimson Peak, and The Haunted Mansion as well as a love for the general genre of spooky and eerie tales. It first started as an idea to want to use existing characters in a ghost-story setting, then took off and grew into its own world and tale. It was in development for two years before its release, and now we are more than thrilled to share it with you all. We hope you enjoy the story, and characters, of Swansong.

Meet the artists

☾ MACY SPANCAKE ☾ is an artist from Mechanicsburg PA. Macy marries bold colors and strong shape language to create characters that are cohesive while still displaying robust and diverse personalities. Her pieces evoke a sense of drama and work to add a theatrical flair to the narratives she illustrates. She works from home with her sentient muppet (a cat named Simba).

❖ PERI AZREN-PENDRAKE ❖ is an artist from Lancaster PA. He’s combined his love of animals with his love of art, allowing him to create from a unique, environmentally-conscious perspective. Outside of artwork & adventuring, Peri loves cooking, antiquing, and his troublemaking cat, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, or “Toulouse,” for short.